Intellectual Honesty and Discernment

It seems like Intellectual Honesty is the new cultural catch phrase. I have heard it a lot lately and it is a phrase that needs to spoken less and practiced more. I have chosen this as the topic for my first blog because I hope it defines and describes it. I am not looking to be a warrior in the blogosphere, shooting down enemy combatants left and right. My goal is to be upfront and honest about my beliefs and explain my thought process. I think by doing this I will help myself and my readers think about any assumptions they have. Here is a simple test, just two questions, true or false.

1. T or F Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the Antichrist. He is doing the work of the devil and any or all ideas will directly lead to socialism. He is always lying and hates all republicans as shown by lack of bipartisanship.

2. T or F President Obama is a savior sent by God for this time. There has never been a President to match in terms of intelligence, poise, charm, and ideas that will help our country. He is always sincerely telling the truth and therefore we should never ask questions but do what He says. He is a different politician who wants real change and absolute bipartisanship which the Republicans will never give Him.

I know that is a very simple test, but if you answered either of those questions true then you might as well move on. There is nothing that will ever be said here or anywhere that will impact you because you lack discernment. A lack of discernment is why Dr. Laura will never run out of calls and Mr. Springer(Jerry!Jerry!) probably had more guests lined up when the show ended. As a nation too many do not want or are incapable of thinking through an issue on their own. We become sheep who are easily led(they are the dumbest animals!). This is a difficult process but I believe it is necessary and in the next few days I will share some of my own thoughts. Many people who love to attack the views of others are often not skilled in critical thinking. It is much easier to loudly attack the views of others than it is to clearly explain how you have reached your own views. Sadly enough too often it is the former fueling the blogosphere . That is not the high ground! I have started my blog to encourage others to think clearly while examining our current culture. Go back to that little "test" and read both questions. How much would I have to remove before you would say true? My guess is just the lines about the Antichrist and Savior! Yet that does not make these two personifications of him contrasting any less. I am always shocked to realize how intelligient people can take the same facts and reach two directly opposite opinions every four years. But that is for another day.

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